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GPRS terminal with embedded 230V AC power supply unit. Provides fast and reliable wireless data transmission via cellular GPRS (TCP/IP) network or voice CSD channel. Support local and remote remote configuration and updating.




GPRS terminal with embedded 230V AC power supply unit.
In order to ensure wireless communication with remote serial devices over a cellular network, we develop and manufacture the series of terminals with a vast range of capabilities to solve tasks of industrial automation and dispatching systems. ADM18 is a 2G terminal with one and/or two serial interfaces, two SIM card slots and 230V AC power supply. Devices provide fast and reliable transparent data transfer via GPRS or high-speed UMTS channel using the TCP/IP protocol. Besides, the devices support connection over the back-up CSD channel.
Terminals support local and remote configuration and updating.



ADM18_38 GPRS Terminal series_datasheet_r.2.2


ADGT Universal Driver


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